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It is time for our AI ambitions to move into the next realm of evolution. From the launchpads of personalized automation, intelligent decisioning, and focused industry solutions, how can we create ‘AI as an Experience’ for business users?


At Mphasis.AI, we create composable experiences using AI. From creating hyper-personalized interfaces for building business workflows to creating domain-centric solutions, to enabling intelligent decisions and to implementing automation that reimagines the process itself - this is the AI value we deliver to business across the globe.


In addition, Mphasis’ Gen AI Center of Excellence fosters innovation and delivers customized outcomes of cost, efficiency gains, speed, and service reliability. Our future-ready contact center offerings in the experience transformation space leverage's technology expertise and Blink’s evidence-driven conversational design to deliver cost-effective modernization and enhanced market-share growth for contact centers.

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Intelligent orchestration through composable platforms is the cornerstone of our AI strategy. We empower the business to create their desired solutions and outcomes with the strong frameworks we stitch together for them.


This is the unique experience we provide to business users. With a potent mix of multiple LLMs orchestrated to serve your use cases, our own assets (e.g., AI models, data sets, libraries, solutions and interfaces), and a powerful partner network of leading product companies like and Workfusion plus all three hyperscalers, we build multi-faceted archetypes for

Contact center transformation

Engineering productivity

Experience transformation

Business operations transformation

IT Ops transformation



  • Design thinking on user journeys for GenAI adoption
  • Blueprinting / proof of concept
  • GenAI Hackathon-as-a-Service

  • Model development
  • Model deployment & ModelOps
  • Model insights & human feedback
  • Data modeling
  • Data curation & prompt engineering
  • Data labeling

  • Virtual assistant & collaborator
  • Customer self-service
  • Agent assistant
  • Proposal auto-generation
  • Complex model assistant
  • Conversational & Insights AI BOTS



Our versatile AI-powered solutions enable organizations across industries and regions to create personalized experiences, create new revenue streams and unleash efficiency and growth at scale.




Through our cloud hyper-scaler marketplaces, we provide solution offerings and professional consulting services through AWS and Azure for AI, ML and Quantum offerings.


Mphasis on Azure Marketplace
Multiple preferred solutions on AI, ML and analytics offered as cognitive solution offerings through Azure.
Al & ML Solution Listing

Additionally, we enable assessment offers, proof-of concepts and design thinking workshops on a custom basis as well as through cloud providers.
Consulting Services Listing

Mphasis Generative AI Blueprint on Microsoft Solutions
A strategic plan structured over a 10-week timeline, ensuring a step-by-step approach to the implementation of
Microsoft Azure OpenAI solutions.

Mphasis on AWS Marketplace
We are the Market Leader in ML & Quantum Solutions on AWS Marketplace - and our listings target practical, high-value use cases that can deliver immediate impact and ROI in critical enterprise business processes and operations.
AWS Marketplace Listings





A leading US-based healthcare services provider transformed their IT operations leveraging’s solutions to achieve 25-35% auto-resolution of tickets, 30% TCO reduction and enhanced user experience through self-serve capabilities, workflow automation and zero-touch fulfilment. enables a technology-driven patient services company to transform their specialty drugs rollout program. Leveraging advanced conversational assist apps, our solution could generate accurate, precise, trustworthy, competitive and differentiated information to roll out a greater number of drug programs at speed and scale enabled a leading US-based healthcare services provider to transform their claims adjudication through AI-driven interventions of automated data extraction, document classification, claim eligibility determination, claims validation and adjudication and enhancement of workflow efficiency. The average turnaround time for end-to-end claims processing has shrunk from 3-5 days to just 5 hours now.